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Focus on your own success, not ours.

Our program could not be more different to other ambassador programs. Most force you to focus your life on the success of their brand and telling their story. We want you to become successful and tell your story. Pressed is a free application to help people achieve their goals and make the most of their time, so this program is an extension of that mission.

We promise that we will never ask you to do the dreadful activities that other programs make you do. Instead of selling a product, annoying your friends by contacting them directly, and passing out flyers, you'll only share content that you personally feel is valuable, enjoy free activities, make valuable connections, and tell your story through us. We couldn't be more excited for this.

What You Will Be Doing

There are many benefits to joining the program. You can't find the resume building quality or caliber experience anywhere else. This is truly what you make of it.

  • Professional Development

    Stand out from the crowd! Build your resume with concrete stats, unrivaled experience, and guest posts for other blogs in your field.

  • Quality Networking

    Connect with entrepreneurs, field experts, potential employers, and other students through our network and events. We also offer priority job placement with Pressed.

  • Lifestyle Incentives

    Have the chance to attend free classes, like yoga or fitness, and events simply by checking in.

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What you won't be doing

Pressed is always focused on innovating. This includes this program. We think that by removing the unwanted parts of other programs ours can actually be more successful.

  • Bother Your Friends

    Unlike other programs, we don’t ask you to contact your connections directly. We want you to preserve your social integrity.

  • Push Product

    You aren’t selling a product, but a mission. Our app is free, so you don’t have to worry about selling out.

  • Waste Time

    Our program is very passive. We offer opportunities to gain extra hands on experience, but it isn't required.

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Members get to share their story receive recognition join a mission guest post for blogs gain great experience boost their resume build their network attend free classes meet employers Help us change lives

Praise for the Program

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Pressed has changed my life. I talk to people about it all the time, and they get incredibly excited to experience what I have!

— Xavier Ghoston

Despite having an incredibly hectic schedule, Pressed has helped me fill my free time to workout. I put on 10 pounds of muscle in just a month!

— Ashton Lawrence

I've been desperately wanting to use since Pressed to since they joined Coolhouse. I wonder if I can convince them to develop Android first...

— Jordan Breighner

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