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What makes Pressed great

Three key elements that help you live the life you want to live.


Pressed uses manual inputs and algorithms to learn your preferences. Pressed knows when, where, and how to remind you of tasks or steps toward your habits and goals.

Easy Habit Creation

Pressed is designed to help you manage not only your time, but your life and future goals. To do this, we use proven techniques to help you accomplish tasks and create habits.

Awesome Time Management

Pressed is the all-in-one app solution to managing your life. We combine your to-do list with a calendar in an elegant way. Our features make time management a breeze.

She used Pressed to
 run more
He used Pressed to
 meditate daily
She used Pressed as
 her calendar
She used Pressed to
 read everyday

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Tomorrow is not promised and Pressed creates a beautiful urgency to be yourself.

— Ravyn Brooks

Despite having a hectic schedule and a lot of homework, Pressed has helped me fill my free time to workout. I put on 5 pounds of muscle in just a month.

— Dean Ben-Benjamin

I've been desperately wanting to use since Pressed to since they joined Coolhouse. I wonder if I can convince them to develop Android first...

— Jordan Breighner

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